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Teacher Resources

Lesson Plans

Teaching Tennessee History
Lesson Plans for the Classroom

The annual Summer Teachers History Seminars/Workshops are an opportunity for a select group of teachers to participate in an in depth study of a specific topic in Tennessee history.   At the end of many of the seminars/workshops, each teacher prepares a lesson based on the week’s study.  The lesson plans are then made available to teachers across the state.

We invite you to browse through these lesson plans to choose helpful ideas for your classroom use.

The Summer Teachers History Seminars/Workshops are a program of the East Tennessee Historical Society.

Project Director:     Lisa N. Oakley, 865-215-8828 or
Project Facilitator:  Joe Spence
Lesson Plans created by participating teachers

Funded in part by a grant from
Humanities Tennessee

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With additional support from The Grimes Family Donor Advised Fund of the East Tennessee Foundation, established by Mr. and Mrs. B.W. Grimes and Katie Dean Foundation and Wackenhut, Oak Ridge.

History Links and Resources

  • Teachers will find a number of helpful resources on the Teaching American History website.  The information includes Teaching American History projects and easily accessible teacher and student materials.
  • Another great resource is the Teaching American History Wiki.  TAH members can learn from this page, share info on this page, and even access the TAH blog!