An Encyclopedia Experiences of Black People in Knoxville, Tennessee 1844-1974

Robert Booker
The institution of Slavery in Knoxville 1791-1865 --
The Black Church in the aftermath of the Civil War 1865-1895 --
Richard Payne, Knoxville's first Black noted businessman --
Early medical care for blacks --
Melvin J.R. Gentle, pioneer activist, politician --
William Francis Yardley, Knoxville's first Black lawyer --
Caldonia F. Johnson, business pioneer --
William Henderson Franklin, education pioneer, college president --
The history of education in Knoxville's Black Community --
Milestones for Black voters --
Establishment of Knoxville College --
Charles Warner Cansler, educator --
Tennessee segregation laws --
Dr. Henry Morgan Green, Physician, philanthropist --
Establishment of Austin High School --
Webster L. Porter, lawyer, newspaper editor --
Desegregation of Knoxville City Schools --
Effects of urban renewal projects on the Black community --
Sketches of prominent citizens.


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