The Midwives' Quilt A Tale of Conflict and Intrigue in the Smoky Mountains

Dr. Gail Palmer

A tale of conflict and intrigue concerning four midwives and healers who live in the Smoky Mountains near Cades Cove in the late 1800s-early 1900s. Honored by those they serve with the titles of "aunt" or "granny," they become targets of those few who have little understanding of the ways of healing performed by the women. A local sheriff and preacher accuse Lizzie Shulur, one of the women, of murder by witchcraft. She and the other women find themselves first in a courtroom, then at the foot of a hanging tree in the middle of town. Many of the details of the way in which the women live their daily lives is based on archival and interview research done by the author. An Introduction follows midwives through history and into the Smokies, while an appendix provides a list of women known to have served as midwives in the Smokies during that time period. Photos and brief biographies are included. 2016; 246 pages.

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