In the Tennessee Mountains

Mary Noailles Murfree, Edited by Bill Hardwig

When In the Tennessee Mountains was published, it was lauded for telling the “true” story of Appalachia. However, although she grew up in Tennessee, Murfree had almost no contact with the kinds of people she depicts in her stories. Indeed, she was a child of wealth and privilege whose primary experience of the people of Appalachia was with the local residents who interacted with her family during their summer vacations at Beersheba Springs, a Cumberland Mountains resort. Still, Murfree expressed much admiration for the Appalachian people who populate her writings and intended to depict them honestly.

Bill Hardwig argues in his critical introduction to this new edition that In the Tennessee Mountains has much to teach us about the aesthetic, political, and literary scenes of 1880s America while contributing to current debates about “literary tourism” and regional writing.  In addition, Hardwig has compiled a useful new bibliography that accounts for all of Murfree's published and unpublished writing, along with critical works about her, including initial reviews of In the Tennessee Mountains, and contributions to current discussions of local color and regional writing.

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