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Rita Lorraine Hubbard was awarded the Community History Award for her work uncovering unknown stories of Black East Tennesseans, non-fiction biographies, emphasis on regional history, and the creation of several children’s stories. She is based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Joseph Longmire received the Community History Award for oral storytelling, and community engagement in Corryton, Tennessee.

Wanda Sobieski & the Suffrage Coalition, Knox Countyfor the active preservation of the unique and significant Tennessee story around the passage of the nineteenth amendment.

Jim Loftis, Overton Countyfor his organizational and personal efforts to interpret and preserve his community’s history for future generations.

Birthplace of Country Music, Sullivan County, for the 95th Anniversary of the 1927 Bristol Sessions special exhibitions, events, and programs.

Andy Peck, Regionalfor the research, collection, and preservation of family history shared through the publication of numerous non-fiction titles.

Birthplace of Country Music, Sullivan Countyfor excellence in the promotion, preservation, and interpretation of the rich musical history of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

Adam Dickson, Washington Countyfor preserving and advocating for Black history through his civic, community, and professional leadership.