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Whitney Butler was awarded the Teaching Excellence Award for creative and interactive lesson plans, organizing a yearly field trip to the Parthenon, State Capitol, and Country Music Hall of Fame, as well as her sponsorship of a local Historical Society in Newport, Tennessee.

Karen Peterman received the Teaching Excellence Award for her years of teaching, mentoring, teacher workshops, and tours at Mabry-Hazen House in Knoxville, Tennessee.

John Spratling was awarded the Teaching Excellence Award for his efforts in preservation of local civil rights history in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Nate Kennard & Livingston Academy Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society, Overton Countyfor the social studies programs developed for the Academy’s student body and outreach to Overton County elementary and middle school students.

Dr. René Rodgers, Birthplace of Country Music Museum, Sullivan Countyfor their education project that included partnering with educators to develop lesson plans and resources, plus delivery of teacher and student education programs.