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Votes for Women

In 2020, we showcased Suffrage Showdown: Tennessee’s Pivotal Role in Votes for Women, an exhibition in the Museum of East Tennessee’s History’s Streetscape Gallery, which explored “suffrage showdowns” and the individuals that enacted change.

Screenshot from the new Women's Suffrage website.

Women’s Political Activism in East Tennessee

Through a grant by Humanities Tennessee, we have had the opportunity to launch a virtual version of the exhibit to create better access to the story.

The Weather Kiosk

In 2020, the National Weather Service celebrated its 150th anniversary. In collaboration with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, we created a website and brochure dedicated to Knoxville’s only weather kiosk located downtown on the corner of Market and Clinch. Thanks to project partners we were also able to restore the kiosk and bring it to life.

The Weather Kiosk graphic.

The website,, allows visitors to not only learn about the United States Weather Bureau Kiosks but also how weather forecasting has changed through the years. With this site, visitors can learn about how Knoxville was chosen to be a kiosk location in 1912, how it ended up back in its original location outside the Custom House, and the many stories in between. Our hope is that visitors are excited to learn more about the importance of weather forecasting and visit the kiosk themselves.

Other partners include the American Meteorologist Society – Smoky Mountain Chapter, Aslan Foundation, National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, and the National Weather Service. We are so thankful for the generous support that made the conservation, preservation, and interpretation of Knoxville’s Weather Kiosk possible.