First Tennessee Bank

The turbulent final years of the Civil War might seem a risky time to launch a bank in the South.  Yet the First National Bank, founded in Memphis in 1864, prospered and expanded.  Nearly a century and a half later, that same bank is First Tennessee Bank, the largest in the state and the only regional bank that is chartered and headquartered in Tennessee.

First Tennessee came into East Tennessee in 1973 when it acquired the Fountain City Bank.  Then, in 1983, First Tennessee assumed the assets and liabilities of the failed United American Bank.  The quick and efficient transition provided a sense of calm to a potentially catastrophic situation. 

First Tennessee continues to provide innovative and stable leadership in the business of banking as well as in local communities across the state.  Their support provides individuals and organizations with the resources they need to serve others.

First Tennessee Bank’s capital campaign contribution helped ETHS achieve the vision represented by the beautiful new museum building that expands the preservation and public access to East Tennessee history.