Howard H. Baker, Jr.

Senator, White House Chief of Staff, Ambassador to Japan

Howard H. Baker, Jr.’s career began in the courtroom of the Scott County Courthouse in the 1950s. Working in the law firm founded by his grandfather, Baker quickly established himself as a community leader with intelligence and integrity.

In 1966. Baker became the first ever popularly elected Republican Senator from Tennessee. He served in the Senate until 1985 and was later chief of staff to President Ronald Reagan. In 2001 Baker was appointed by President George W. Bush as ambassador to Japan.

After an illustrious international career, Baker could have chosen to live anywhere. Friends and colleagues asked why he returned to Scott County. Because, said Baker, “East Tennessee is the center of the universe.”

He has served as the honorary campaign chair for the expansion of ETHS, has been a guest speaker at an annual meeting, and has been the guest of honor for two fundraisers in his honor. He was always generous with his time and supportive of the ETHS mission. And he was a wonderful ambassador for East Tennessee values and history.

Howard H. Baker was named an Honorary Pillar of Support by the ETHS Board of Directors. He passed away in 2014.