James Patrick Roddy

Coca-Cola Bottling Pioneer

J.P. Roddy, Sr. was president of Roddy Manufacturing Company and a director of the Commercial Bank and Trust. He was born in Whitesburg, the son of a merchant and great grandson of a Revolutionary War soldier who received a land grant in Jefferson County.

He began the Coca-Cola bottling and candy manufacturing venture in Knoxville in 1902 with candy maker William Goodman. In time, the company bottled Coke in plants throughout East Tennessee and Middlesboro, Kentucky.

J.P. Roddy was known as a man with a twinkle in his eye. He was also a philanthropist who quietly and anonymously came to the aid of individuals, his employees, and community organizations.

J.P. Roddy was named a Pillar of Support by grandchildren J.P. Roddy III, Ellen Roddy Mitchell, and Tom Roddy.