2019 Trolley / Streetcar Christmas Ornament

East Tennssee Historical Society

Knoxville Streetcar No. 416

A nostalgic reminder of “the Good Old Days”

For nearly half a century, streetcars carried Knoxvillians to and from the city for business and shopping.  Streetcar 416 is one of a small number surviving.  Built in 1925 by the Cincinnati Car Company, the car made its final run in 1937, and the body was later used as a cozy fishing cottage on Norris Lake.  The Old Smoky Railway Museum, Inc., rescued the car and later gifted it to the East Tennessee Historical Society for the new museum then under construction.  The car was floated into the museum on a cushion of air and the building completed around it  The car now delights visitors to the Museum of East Tennessee History.

1 lb
6 × 6 × 5 in