Lookout Mountain (TN) Images of America

William Hull

Few places in the southland compare to the resplendent beauty of Lookout Mountain. A scene of wonder to early explorers because of its intriguing rock formations, Lookout Mountain was the site of the pivotal Battle above the Clouds in November 1863, when Federal forces climbed the steep slope to claim a Union victory. In the passing years, Lookout Mountain grew into a home for a well-heeled community, and with the opening of the Dixie Highway in its shadow, the development of major tourist attractions was not far behind. Rock City and Ruby Falls became familiar to thousands of travelers, further solidifying the mountain’s name on the American road map. The cool air in summer and the splendid views of the valley below, offered by Point Park and the famed Lookout Mountain Incline Railway, have left lasting impressions on generations of sightseers. 127 pages.

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