Our Passionate Staff

Preserving and interpreting East Tennessee’s history is performed by a dedicated staff and supported by a passionate board of directors.

President & CEO

[email protected] (865) 215-8823

Chief Development Officer

[email protected] (865) 215-8827

Vice President and Curator of Education

[email protected] (865) 215-8828

Curator of Collections

[email protected] (865) 215-8829

Director of Administration

[email protected] (865) 215-8821

Financial Manager

[email protected] (865) 215-8876

Education Programs Manager

[email protected] (865) 215-8875

Head of Visitor Services & Museum Shop Operations

[email protected] (865) 215-8824

Community Engagement Manager

[email protected] (865) 215-8883

Marketing & Digital Content Manager

[email protected] (865) 215-8826

Administrative Assistant & Membership Coordinator

[email protected] (865) 215-8830

First Families of Tennessee Administrator and Tennessee Ancestors Editor

Ann Blomquist
[email protected] (865) 215-8822

Board of Directors


Jerome Melson

Past Chairman

Hubert Smith

Vice Chairman, Knoxville Area

Eleanor Yoakum

Vice Chairwoman, Northeast Tennessee

Joe E. Thompson III


David W. Mink

Recording Secretary

Glenn Jacobs

Knox County Representative

Maury Nicely

Vice Chairman Southeast Tennessee

David Reynolds


Eric Dawson

Head, McClung Collection

Eddy Pratt

Legal Counsel

LaKenya Middlebrook

City of Knoxville Representative

Susan Richardson

Williams Community Relations Consultant


Matthew McClellan

Gary Wade

Greg A. Vital

Bob Marquis

John Trotter

Samantha Lacy

Jordan Mollenhour

Carroll Ross

Charles E. Atchley, Jr

John A. Sibley

Kreis Beall

D. Ray Smith

Cindi DeBusk

Erin Burns Freeman

Imogene King

Lifetime Honorary Board Members

Jack E. Williams

Joe Swann

Joe E. Spence

Carrington Montague

Sherri P. Lee

Marvin House

Dr. Anthony Hodges

Natalie L. Haslam

Steve Cotham

Jane Creed


Malcolm Rogers