Molded by Hand, Hardened By Fire

A Special Exhibition of Wood-Fired Pottery by Peter Rose

May 16, 2011 to October 30, 2011
Rogers-Claussen Feature Gallery

An Australian potter preserving East Tennessee traditions

On Saturday mornings at least twice a year, a community gathers around Peter Rose’s wood-fired kiln in northeast Knox County. It is a ritual that is not uncommon to the South, a celebration of the kiln’s opening, a chance to see and possibly purchase direct from the potter a molded piece of clay that has been dramatically transformed by days of wood firing.

Australian by birth, Rose came to East Tennessee in 1985 by way of Japan and England. Four years later when Rose set out to build his own wood-fired kiln, it was these ceramic cultures—and the advice of a visiting Korean potter—that shaped the final structure. The kiln was completed in 1992, and Rose was ready to begin firing, ready to begin melding his past, multi-cultural experiences with the traditions of Southern folk potters.

Today, Rose continues to advance the wood-fired pottery tradition in East Tennessee, as seen in the utilitarian and sculptural pieces on view in the gallery above. The video below explores additional aspects of Rose’s life and work, while following one jug from being molded by hand to being hardened by fire.

Molded by Hand, Hardened by Fire: The Wood Fired Pottery of Peter Rose


Curator: Adam H. Alfrey

Design and installation: Adam H. Alfrey, Michele MacDonald

Photography: Dan MacDonald



Videographer and editor: Douglas D. Mills

Producer: Adam H. Alfrey

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