Edward S. "Bud" Albers, Jr.

Entrepreneur / Albers Drug Company

Edward S. “Bud” Albers, Jr. was born in Knoxville in 1925. His grandfather, a Union officer during the civil war, established a drug wholesale company in the city in 1894.

Bud Albers graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1948 and then served in the Air Force. In 1954 he became president of Albers Drug Company. During his career he streamlined modern drugstore operations and helped develop a national drug code and bar-coding system for drug inventories.

An advocate for the preservation of family and business history, Albers has donated his family’s extensive memorabilia to the McClung Historical Collection and the East Tennessee Historical Society.

Edward S. Albers, Jr, was named a Pillar of Support by the ETHS Board of Directors.