The Swiss Presence in the History of Tennessee

Dr. Dwight Page

The Swiss Presence in the History of Tennessee by Dr. Dwight Page, Editor-in-Chief of the Swiss American Historical Society Review, tells the exciting story of 300 years of Swiss and Swiss American activities and adventures in the State of Tennessee. The story begins in Switzerland at the beginning of the 18th century, when Swiss authorities compelled many religious dissenters to leave Switzerland for exile in the colony of Pennsylvania. From there, these initial Swiss emigrants migrated south into Virginia, North Carolina and eventually Tennessee. The book then traces these Swiss emigrants' defense of liberty during the American Revolution, their colonization of Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis during the mid-nineteenth century, and the foundation of the Swiss communities of Gruetli-Lager and Hohenwald, Tennessee. Thus, this new work of history presents the full panorama of Swiss and Swiss American activities in the Volunteer State. Color illustrations. 225 pages.

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